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Lead Management

Lead Management

Multi-Channel Campaign Leads
Multi-Channel Campaign Leads.
Tele-caller Module
Telecaller Module.
Onfield RM and TL Lead Sourcing App
Onfield RM and TL Lead Sourcing App.
Channel Partner Onboarding and Lead Sourcing
Channel Partner Onboarding and Lead Sourcing.

Customer Onboarding

Onfield RM and TL Login File App
Onfield RM and TL Login File App.
Paperless Onboarding
Paperless Onboarding.
Wavier and Deviation Approval Management
Wavier and Deviation Approval Management.
Login File Review Checker Panel
Login File Review Checker Panel.
Customer Onboarding
Quick PD

Credit PD

Onfield Credit PD App
Onfield Credit PD App.
Configurable Profile specific Questions
Configurable Profile specific Questions.
Outputs with Geo Tagging
Outputs with Geo Tagging.

Collection Recovery

Allocation and Planning
Allocation and Planning.
Digital Communication
Digital Communication.
On field Agent App
On Field Agent App.
Settlement Waiver Module
Settlement Waiver Module.
Collection Recovery
Loan Origination

Loan Origination

Allocation and Planning
Lead Management.
Digital Communication
Customer Onboarding.
Credit PD.
On field Agent App
Credit Verification.
Settlement Waiver Module
Credit Underwriting.
Settlement Waiver Module

Customer Service

Customer Self Onboarding
Customer Self Onboarding.
Account Summary And Multilingual
Account Summary And Multilingual.
Digital Service Requests
Digital Service Requests.
Auto EMI Reminders With Pay Online Options
Auto EMI Reminders With Pay Online Options.
Customer Service
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Credility assures Lending Tech Solutions like Lead management, customer onboarding, Loan origination, collections and customer service management doesn’t have to be complicated!

Simplify your lending tech needs with a solution provider which has end-to-end services to help financial institutions operate faster and better. An amalgamation of two concepts- Credit and mobility, Credility’s lending tech solutions are designed to make the lending process smoother by eradicating time-consuming manual process and systems by automating the same for financial institutions in India. The solutions from Credility help lending institutions save valuable time and capital by boosting the efficiency of the manpower. Every financial institution needs a powerful unified system that streamlines its lead management, onboarding process, personal discussion, loan sanctioning, on-field collection and customer relationship management all under a lending tech solutions company.

Go paperless and save money with Credility’s superior Digital Lending Solutions

Credility offers an automation product for every department in the financial lending institute right from field executives to top management. Our digital lending apps are designed with the purpose of making mediation less chaotic. These lending tech solutions have been not only accepted but also adopted as a touchstone requirement for Indian financial institutions and Credility’s international clientele. Let us walk you through the overview of our product offerings.

Empower Your Lending Journey with Credility's End-to-End Tech Solutions

  • Lead Management:

    Go beyond basic lead capture. Credility's goConnekt platform uses advanced technology to identify high-potential leads, automates nurturing campaigns with targeted communication, and equips your team with multi-channel tools to connect effectively.
  • Customer Onboarding:

    Get your work done without the endless paperwork. Credility's goFTR digital onboarding solution lets you collect information online, streamline document verification with eKYC, and accelerate the approval process for a faster, hassle-free experience.
  • Loan Origination:

    Keep the manual calculations and errors at bay with this loan origination software. Credility's goOriginate , a top loan origination system automates loan origination tasks, integrates with credit bureaus for instant checks, and offers secure e-signatures for a faster, more secure loan approval process.
  • Credit Personal Discussion:

    Facilitate informed decisions. Credility's QuickPD tool empowers clear communication between loan officers and borrowers, ensuring transparency and building trust throughout the process.
  • Collections:

    Improve efficiency and communication during collections with this debt collection software. Credility's goCollect , best debt collection software provides intelligent reminders, facilitates multi-channel communication, and streamlines the repayment process, ensuring timely collections with a positive customer experience.
  • Customer Service Management:

    Encourage your team to deliver exceptional service. Credility's goAssist offers a centralized platform for managing customer inquiries, facilitates real-time data access, and provides analytics for better decision-making, leading to happier, more engaged customers.

Ready to power up your digital lending process?

Implementing comprehensive lending solutions by Credility across different stages helps streamline a more effective, efficient, and hassle-free process. This win-win situation benefits both you and your customers. With reliable lending solutions by Credility, you can experience a transformative impact on your financial institution. Schedule a consultation with our experts and learn more about how Credility's digital lending solutions can make your digital lending processes stress-free, quick, and accessible.

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