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How Can A Lead Management App Help In Banking And Financial Services?

2022-11-05 10:11:08

How Can A Lead Management App Help In Banking And Finan...

All the happy customers were prospective leads someday. It is the management of leads that converts them into customers. You might be wondering why lead management is vital to banking and financial services. The process of lead qualification before reaching the hands of the sales team is notably long. Later when the lead does reach the sales rep, it is the in-person interaction of the salesperson and the customer which determines the probability of conversion.

Think of a situation where the lead is traveling and there is some twisted exchange of information or some other miscommunication that takes place. This would be a marked loss for the company as it has lost a prospective customer.  There might be a situation wherein the lead makes it across the qualification chain, however, lands with the wrong salesman, or they may take a long time in closing the deal which might result in opportunity cost if the competitors get there first. Endless such scenarios can become quite the hassle and prove to be a detrimental factor.

A lead management app is an amazing way of keeping track of potential leads throughout the complete process - from the beginning till the end. Within the app are several management modules which are helpful for the banks and financial companies in keeping a close watch on the movements of any leads coming in. They are specially designed for tackling the requirements of the BSFI.

Choose Credility for the most carefully woven and strong Lead Management App for BFSI. Some of the most important features of the system are listed below,

1. Ability to be incorporated with the already prevalent field CRM

The lead management system of Credility has impressive flexibility and is customizable so as to be able to be moulded in accordance with the requirements of the company or the bank. The flexibility makes it possible for you to integrate it with your already prevalent field CRM. In addition to this, using APIs, you can also upgrade it to send important information to the mobile phones of the sales team. This is helpful in significantly reducing the time taken in processing things manually.

2. Intelligent leads assignment

After the lead has come, the manager is supposed to assign it to the ideal salesperson, in order to get the results without any trouble. 

Dista allows the managers to look at: 

  1. Her/ his exact location

  2. Sales rep geographic coverage

  3. Customers profile

  4. Leave availability and status

All this information helps in assigning the leads and thus helps in making better plans of the resources and tasks as well. The intelligent and automated lead assignments make sure that the tasks are given to the appropriate person based on proximity, skills that ensure better outcomes in the business.

3. Having offline connectivity

In order to always keep all your sales representatives in the loop, having offline connectivity is helpful to a great extent as it helps in successful leads management. This would cut off the sales dependency on the office’s backend people. Your team of sales with all the required information on mobiles allows them to be at the top of the things which are related to all the leads. Offline connectivity provides them with additional firepower which makes the management of leads more responsive and effective.

4. Detailed leads profiling

Having all the information in detail on all the leads would help your team of sales in providing more customised solutions which would result in customers’ delight. Solutions such as Dista help in capturing distributed and detailed information. 

5. Having online demo contents

Good leads management empowers you with every preparation required for closing a lead. It’s important that you store all the detailed information such as word documents, PDF’s, videos and audio files ready with you to assist your leads with all the information they need at a glance. Having a soft copy of the customer's communication ready as well as saved in your system saves the time and helps in reaching out to the leads at the right time with the right information. This would help you in having better controls leading to easily bringing more leads to closure.

6. Having e- KYC which is mobiles based

It’s very important in the industry of financial services to have user verification. Generally, the field teams visit the customers for collecting all the documents which are paper-based KYC. But, at Dista, this hassle is simplified by providing the customers with a system in which all the soft copies of documents can be captured with ease and then fed into the backend system. Once they are received by the team they simultaneously verify and confirm the documents. It makes the whole process easy, safe and quick.

7. Scorecards of the teams’ performance

This is the last and final frontier that helps to analyse and evaluate the performance of all the people working in the leads management cycle.  The scorecards help in evaluating the critical data. This data available about a team's performance could greatly help in identifying all the gaps thus enhancing them further and adding efficiency to the entire process. 

Get the most carefully and intelligently designed lead management system specially designed to cater to your requirements with Credility.

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