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How to Simplify Customer Onboarding & Communication With goFTR - CrediLity

2022-11-05 10:11:53

How to Simplify Customer Onboarding & Communication Wit...

The number of ‘digital only’ customers in the banking sector has been increasing steadily. Digital transformation has forced companies to adopt a new style of work across a large number of banking facilities.

But while adjusting to this new style of work, a few areas like customer service remained stuck with face-to-face conversations. One of the few ways this problem could be solved was by building a better relationship with customers by gaining their trust and nurturing long-standing relationships with them.

But in the long run, this approach failed to provide any significant benefits since banks with an only digital approach posed a threat to the traditional onboarding process

Many banks faced a problem whether to go digital or not but the coronavirus pandemic pushed the scales in favour of digitization. Now a few problems arose with this.

  1. Complex online processes emulating on ground operations
  2. Partial digitization made customer visits to branches a necessity.
  3. Paperless identification
  4. Collection of too much information
  5. Non-adherence to regulatory requirements
  6. Lengthy navigation times lead to more abandonments
  7. Multi-channel success was low

What is CrediLity?

CrediLity by i-XL is a company that is focused on digital lending products that cater to financial lending institutions. The mission of CrediLity is to help lending companies save their time and money by leading them towards digitization and increasing their efficiency with the help of their digital lending products.

Credility’s goFTR simplifies digital customer onboarding in the following ways.

  1. Paperless onboarding software helps loan officers manage their leads, qualify them, and then quickly onboard the customer.
  2. Credility’s goFTR’s 10 step process offers a simple and intuitive process to complete the loan application form which also works offline so that no customer details are lost.
  3. With Credility’s goFTR, you can verify your customer details in the following ways
    1. PAN verification
    2. Aadhar/E-KYC
    3. Pan verification
    4. Capturing driving license number, voter ID number, and passport number.
    5. CrediLity is integrated with 10+ APIs for faster onboarding

By using CrediLity’s goFTR, a company’s sales team can benefit in the following ways:

  1. 3rd party integration and a master-driven approach goFTR helps the sales officer spend less time in data entry by pre-populating maximum customer data.
  2. With goFTR, you can easily keep track and take measures for faster customer acquisition
  3. With the help of powerful analytics, you will be able to understand your team’s performance better both individually and as a team. The same data can then also be used to make improvements in the future
  4. CrediLity also offers easy digital account opening solutions to its customers


goFTR helps financial institutions to simplify their onboarding process. At the same time, it also helps them make a smooth transition to digitization.

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