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Team Leaders Via App can Closely Track and Monitor the performance of all collection agents.

2023-03-02 08:03:03

Team Leaders Via App can Closely Track and Monitor the...

Team Leaders Via App can Closely Track and Monitor the performance of all collection agents.

Keeping in mind the current requirements of enterprises to take their business processes digital, goCollect mobile app by Credility has implemented the feature to easily track and monitor the activities and performances of collection agents. Going digital with such processes helps the team leader to eradicate any form of fraud or unhealthy behaviors by the collection agents. The tracking and monitoring becomes very transparent and full proof.


Why is Tracking and Monitoring of Collection Agents Needed? 

Collection process relies on the agent to manually follow up and collect payments. The manual collection process is correlated to how Team Leaders are optimally utilizing their Collection resources. Improper management leads to insufficient and time consuming workforce. Impact of not optimally managed agents leads to increase in defaulters,and also increase in operating cost in the form of traveling expenses reimbursements by Agents. 


How can the goCollect mobile app solve the problem?

With the help of google maps integration, the distance traveled by the agent and activity performed can be tracked.Multi-level hierarchy to monitor team-wise and individual collection efficiency with interactive performance dashboard and drill down reports via mobile app and web portal.


Benefits of using goCollect for Tracking and Monitoring

  • Can see detail of every activity done on Google Map at real time

  • Team leaders can see the distance traveled for each activity which helps to analyze the traveling expense claims by Agents

  • Can see the dashboard of agents on real time

  • Can check the Collection Done and Follow up Activity of Agents through App and Web

  • Brings accountability in the whole collection process

  • Enables Team leaders to bring behavioral reinforcement with team

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